Apple iPhone 4 16GB Price in Vietnam

iPhone is still regarded as a luxury mobile handset in Vietnam, despite the booming economy there. It is no surprising since average salary is a bit lesser or equal to an Apple iPhone 4 16GB price in Vietnam. Still there are many people in southern, northern and central Vietnam are sporting their iPhones, personalized by different accessories and cases.

Vietnam is huge in mobile phone penetration rate. The mobile landscape is different from other Asian countries though, with most revenue is made in prepaid segment. It is not surprising to find a mobile SIM card and credit top up cards freely available at any street shops.

iphone 4 price white black Apple iPhone 4 16GB Price in VietnamPostpaid segment still exists, with certain added benefits but most people are still keen on using prepaid plans which they can also register under their name while remaining free of any contract. On top of that, prepaid mobile users can also enjoy good 3G data plan without paying hefty charges. All they have to do is choose a data plan that fits their requirement and pay for that from their prepaid credit. Due to such easily available prepaid cards with data plan, iPhone fans don’t necessarily have to enter into contracts with telecom providers.

For those willing to enter into a contract, Viettel and VinaPhone, two of the largest telecom providers in Vietnam are offering plans for iPhone. Viettel offers 4 different iPhone specific plans, starting from 350,000 VND (around USD16.8) up to 1,200,000 (around USD58) VND. Apple iPhone 4 16GB price will start from 12,200,000 VND (around USD585) for 12 months contract and 10,450,000 VND (around USD501) for 24 months contract. As the phone plan goes higher with more monthly subscription fee, the lower price for iPhone handset can be expected.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB price at Vinaphone is fixed, and doesn’t change depending on the plan you choose. It is set at 13,635,455 VND (around USD655) while the company offers three phone plans. In comparison, Vinaphone subscription plans offer more bang of bucks. At 650,000 VND (around USD32) per month, Vinaphone offers unlimited data plan with 550 minutes of talk time while similar plan at Viettel will cost 1.2 millions VND.

iPhone fans unwilling to go through postpaid contract path and stay want the freedom of prepaid plans will have to resort to purchase the phone at outside shops or other countries. Apple iPhone 4 16GB price will vary depending on the shops in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, usually ranging from 15 millions to 17 millions VND.

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