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The iPhone 4 is still the best smart phone to have in the world. It’s features, speed and usability still leaves the competition catching up. In the US, there are three main providers that have iPhone 4 contract prices and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The big three are Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

So, how they compare? To make the comparison, I am using a iPhone 4S 16gb phone. With all three companies, the phone costs $199.99 with a two year contract. All prices are based on an individual plan.

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Contract details:

450 minutes talk time per month, unlimited text, picture, video & instant messaging and calling to all Verizon Wireless customers, unlimited night & weekend minutes and no domestic long distance charge and basic 2GB internet download access, $89.99 per month.

Total outlay would be for the two year contract including phone – $2358.76


Contract details:

Nationwide calling plan, unlimited texting (on AT&T network only) and data 4gb plan $114.99

Total outlay = $2958.76


Contract details:

450 minutes talk time per month and data service $79.99 per month.
This also includes access to Sprint tv as well.

Total outlay = $2118.76

All three companies offer slightly different i fone price options and rates for friends and family and so on, but the prices above are to provide a precise comparison before delving deeper and adding different options and so on.

iPhone 4 contract prices do seem to vary a lot, but once the overall package is brought together, the prices are quite similar. Verizon’s package appears to be the best, it is the largest network in the US and although the talk time is limited (this can be increased, but so will your monthly payments) the unlimited texting to any network in the US can be more attractive.

Whichever network you decide on, iPhone contract prices are quite competitive and tend to unfortunately be more expensive in the States compared to other countries, the iPhone is nonetheless a great phone to have.

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