iPhone 4S prices in New Zealand revealed by Apple, launch date Nov 11

Apple’s iPhone 4S will be available in New Zealand on 11 November.  Apple has started pre-orders starting Friday, 4 November. Pre-booking info and prices can be found on its New Zealand website.

Iphone 4s price in New Zealand for the 16GB model will retail for NZ$1,049 (834USD), the 32GB model for NZ$1,199 (954USD), and the 64GB model for NZ$1,349 (1073USD).

Compared to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S will feature a dual-core A5 processor – similar to the iPad 2′s – and dual-core graphics. Its graphics is claimed to be seven times faster than the iPhone 4 in some cases.

iphone 4s large 300x182 iPhone 4S prices in New Zealand revealed by Apple, launch date Nov 11

While the iPhone 4 debuted with only 16GB and 32GB models,  a 64GB model will be available. This is all the more important since the new iPhone 4S will come with a higher resolution 8MP camera that can record 1080p video, all these files eat up more storage space.

The new camera will be able to absorb 73% more light and produce photos that are 30% sharper than the iPhone 4.

An inter-switching dual antenna system has been implemented in the iPhone 4S in a attempt to reduce the chances of drop calls due to the iPhone 4’s infamous ‘death grip’.

The star feature of the iPhone 4S is notably its intelligent voice recognition technology called Siri, that can understand and respond to questions. The technology has so far only been programmed to recognize a few dialects, including Australian, British and American. It is noted that it can understand New Zealand accents but not so accurately.

Other than New Zealand, the other fourteen countries that will also get the iPhone 4S launch include Hong Kong, South Korea and Portugal.

Each New Zealander will be limited to 2 iPhone 4S handsets per order online. However, there is no mention of the number of orders one can make or any limitation of colour choice per order. All the handsets will be unlocked iPhones..

The iPhone 4S’ prices include delivery to your home. The website also states that pre-ordered iPhones will be delivered between Novenmber 15and 28.

Vodafone will start selling the iPhone 4S online and in stores from next Friday, when the phone officially launches in New Zealand.

As for local resellers, Apple has not confirm which one will be getting the phone yet.

Since Apple has increased the number of mobile operators selling its iPhones in other parts of the world, there is credible speculation that it could do the same in New Zealand.. Sources say that there are no immediate plans for 2degrees to offer the iPhone.  As for Telecom, it declined to comment on whether it would be carrying Apple latest iPhone yet.

For those who think that the iPhone 4S is not worth the price and would rather wait for the iPhone 5, you can consider getting the iPhone 4 first.

The price of the iPhone 4 in New Zealand and Australia has dropped after the iPhone 4S’s launch. Apple has also released a 8GB version of the iPhone 4 a  low price of NZ$899 (715USD). Furthermore, the iPhone 4 is readily available from various resellers and online shops in New Zealand.

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pixel iPhone 4S prices in New Zealand revealed by Apple, launch date Nov 11

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