iPhone 5 Price in Hong Kong – A buyer’s guide

iPhone 5 has been one of the most awaited gadgets of the year. iphone 5 price in Hong Kong have been under the scanner for long as the gadget freaks across Hong Kong wait with bated breath to become the proud owners of the smartest gadget of the year.

iphone 5 price in hong kong iPhone 5 Price in Hong Kong   A buyers guide

Unlocked iPhone 5 Price in Hong Kong from Apple

There is a flourishing grey market capitalizing on the popularity and mad demand for the hot phone which leaves the Apple enthusiasts confused on what is the right price to pay for it. To get the records straight, the right price to pay in an authorized Apple Store for an unlocked 16 GB iphone 5 is HKD$5,588 (US$721), 32 GB iphone 5 is HKD$6,388 (US$824) and 64 GB iphone 5 is HKD$7,188 (US$927).

Unofficial iPhone 5 prices in Hong Kong

If the wait is getting too long and you want to be few of the early birds flaunting the iPhone 5, sky is the limit as sellers are asking for premium prices which range as high as HK$9,000 to HK$10,000. Many people are cashing on it by buying an iphone 5 at $7500 and then selling it around $10,000. This is huge profit that goes straight into the pocket of resellers.

Apple Store has limited any customer to buy not more than 2 phones. An order can be placed online as well and patience is the virtue you must possess if you want to buy it at the right price.

Cheapest iPhone 5 in the World

As a matter of fact, Hong Kong iphone 5 enthusiasts are getting the best deal in terms of price from authentic Apple stores if the rates are compared with the rest of the world. The only sad thing is that unlike the past when no additional taxes had to be paid in Hong Kong which made it the hub for the cheapest iPhones, this time the price tag there is a tad higher than that in US due to the tax. US, this time scores higher and is the place to be at for the cheapest iphone 5.

Due to fear of grey market mushrooming due to the high Apple fever, they have chosen the strategy of lottery reserving system where in buyers have to send applications a day before the purchase date. Only when you receive an online confirmation, you can claim your two set of phones from the store at the right price. The scalpers however have still found ways to resell the phones at exorbitant prices which is hitting the sales.

High Prices for iPhone 5 in Hong Kong grey markets

The thriving grey market in Hong Kong for the phone has been a cause of concern for the Apple retailers. The hefty price tag which is attached also sometimes does not deter people as they manage to get it unlocked as well. The distribution is done across the country as the network is strong and well managed because of the steep demand and tight supply. This has helped scalpers mint money in the first two-three weeks when the hype and talks touch peak.

iPhone 5 price in Hong Kong – still cheap

All in all, we live in a world driven by gadgets and iphone 5 has surpassed all expectations and statistics with all the pre-orders and high prices that people across the globe readily paid. iphone 5 price in Hong Kong, both official and underground make the world craziness believable!

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pixel iPhone 5 Price in Hong Kong   A buyers guide

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