iPhone 5 price in Japan right after release

The iPhone 5 price in Japan is almost just the same as the price of the device in other parts of the world. There are two telecommunications companies in Japan that will sell the iPhone 5. The number of variations of the prices of the iPhone 5 will depend on which type of contract you get, for how long your contract is or if you decide to buy the iPhone 5 without a contract.

iphone 5 price in japan iPhone 5 price in Japan right after release

iPhone 5 price in Japan – No contract and with contract

If you plan on getting a stand alone iPhone which means no contract, it will cost similar to the retail prices in the US but it is not possible to get a stand alone unit in Japan because even Apple Japan does not sell the iPhone 5 alone.

If you do decide to get an iPhone 5 with a carrier, the prices will also vary depending on the model that you choose. There are 3 different price categories for the iPhone 5 depending on the memory capacity you choose. There is the 16GB which costs ¥5,460 , the 32Gb costs ¥10,320 and the 64GB will cost ¥20,640 which is perfect for people who make store a lot of media.

These prices are the amount that you will have to pay monthly for the basic iPhone 5 plan. There will be a slight increase in prices if you want more services. The good part of opting for more services is that there will be a minimal increase for your monthly charge. This is because the more services you get, the cheaper the iPhone 5 will be.
The contract price of the iPhone 5 includes the fee for the services of the carrier already. If you just plan to use your iPhone for call and text, you can settle for the 16GB iPhone 5 which will cost much less. The iPhone 5 price in Japan will greatly depend on the carrier you choose and the type of plan that you get.

pixel iPhone 5 price in Japan right after release

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