iPhone 5 Price in Singapore

The iPhone 5 finally arrived sometime ago in Singapore. According to the official Apple website in the country, an unlocked iPhone 5 price in Singapore is starting at S$948 or approximately $777.301 for the 16 GB model. The unlocked 32 GB and 64 GB models are priced around S$ 1,088 and S$ 1,388 respectively. However, with all the advantages and disadvantages of an unlocked iPhone, customers may also opt for this fancy and expensive gadget attached with multiple-years contract.

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iPhone 5 Price in Singapore

Three major operators in Singapore have announced the prices for each iPhone 5 model. StarHub, M1, and SingTel immediately greatly compete with each other with only slight differences in their officially announced monthly plans for the gadget.

StarHub has the least expensive monthly plans, but it sets the upfront price more expensive that the competitors do. There are various price plans, but the most obvious example is the one with S$58 monthly plan.

For the 16 GB model, StarHub demands an upfront price of S$233, while M1 and SingTel only need S$190 and S$198 respectively.

The monthly plans only slightly differ among each operator; StarHub has the least expensive with only S$58, M1 with S$59, and SingTel with $60. The similar case goes for other models as well.

iPhone 5 Price in US

Apple’s official international website states that the price for an unlocked iPhone 5 is only $199, and this is what most people keep inform each other. We should know that the price is only for the basic unit only (16 GB), without a contract the price increases to around $649.

Avalaunch Media and Apple suggest that the actual lowest iPhone 5 price with two year contract is around $1,400, yet this price is only for AT&T customers with some services reduced. With unlimited text plan and talk, the accumulation of bills for over two years may reach up to $5,500 or more.

Of course, the total price for 32 GB and 64 GB models will be logically more expensive. Verizon and Sprint, which are also vying, will probably need more than AT&T demand.

iPhone 5 Price in other countries

Comparing the prices of iPhone 5 (with no contract), there is a significant difference between the officially announced price by Apple and in Singapore. The actual prices listed in Apple online store is $649 (16 GB), $749 (32 GB), and $849 (64 GB). In Apple Singapore’s website, the prices are S$948 (16 GB), S$1,088 (32 GB), and S$1,388 (64 GB).

In UK, the price for 16 GB iPhone 5 is £529, while 32 GB is priced £599 and the 64 GB is £699. The iPhone 5 has not arrived in India yet, so the people will need to order from outside of the country. In fact, the official website of Apple India has not listed the product yet, so the 4S series is still the latest iPhone in the website. In other countries such as Australia, Canada, and in European continent, iPhone 5 is already available with the prices vary in each country.

Iphone 5 Prices around the world

In every part of the world, the prices of iPhone 5 series can be different and they affected greatly by local operators (multiple-years contract with operators). The actual iPhone 5 price in Singapore is greatly affected by monthly plans and contracts set by three major couriers which are SingTel, M1, and StarHub.

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