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Are you interested in the latest iPhone 5 price in UK? Since Apple has announced that they are releasing the new Iphone 5 on September 12, excitement was built around the much-awaited phone launch. In what looked like a global tradition already, many loyal Apple customers have lined up outside Apple,Inc. stores around the globe on the day of its launch, aiming to take home “the best Iphone since Iphone”.

iphone 5 price in uk iPhone 5 Price in UK

In the UK, the Iphone 5 hit the stores on September 21st Shortly afterwards, the Iphone 5 price in UK was released by network providers who will be offering the phone along with their carrier plans.

Quick Price Comparison

iPhone price in UK without contract

Apple’s online retail store offers the 16 gb Iphone 5 for £529, a £30 raise from when the Iphone 4s was initially released in October 2011. The 32 gb is priced at £599 and the 64 gb carries a price tag of £699. Significantly, the Iphone 5 price in UK, when purchased with carrier plans, is higher than what is offered in the US.

iPhone price in UK with contract – Orange

Orange offers the 16 gb Iphone 5 for free under a 24-month contract for £46 a month with unlimited calls, internet and 3 gb of data.

iPhone price in UK with contract -  T-Mobile

T-mobile does not offer any Iphone units for free but you can pay £109 upfront cost for a 16gb unit, £219 for a 32 gb phone, and £269 for a 64 gb unit and enjoy unlimited texts, unlimited internet, unlimited calls to T-mobile subscribers and 2000 minutes to other networks for £36 a month.

iPhone price in UK with contract – Vodafone

Vodafone offers the 16 gb unit for £47 with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 2 gb of data. Three UK offers the 16 gb unit for £34 a month with an upfront cost of £79 for its Ultimate Internet 500 plan which incudes unlimited data, 500 any network minutes and 5000 texts.
With EE’s (formally Everything Everywhere) 4G LTE service launching on October 30th, Iphone 5 users can first sign up with T-Mobile or Orange – leading network providers which are now under EE’s umbrella – and transfer to EE for free once the 4G service is available. Since EE is soon to control the 4G network, those who want to enjoy the 4G service will need to pay £5 extra – raising the iphone 5 price in UK to a whopping £120 for a typical 24-month plan.

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